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Warranty Claims 

Approved Insurance Work

Our Service Centre is more than happy to undertake all areas of insurance accident repairs whether mechanical or bodywork, our skilled technicians are highly trained in all areas of motorhome repair work and due to all our links with most of the major factories within the motorhome industry sourcing parts is never a problem!


Damp Checks

Barring serious road traffic accident damage, water ingress is by far the worst enemy of your motorhome, making the annual habitation and damp check so important. These checks can give an early warning of any damp resulting from faulty or deteriorated body joint sealant, ill fitting or damage to habitation door, windows, seals and locker frames. With typical workshop labour charge between £60-£100 per hour, deconstructing your motorhome's interior to rectify water-damaged areas can run up a bill of thousands of pounds.


Habitation Checks

To keep your Motorhome in peak condition we recommend the habitational area is inspected annually. Our Habitation inspection consists of a 42 point check which includes Gas pressure test, electric systems (12v & 240v) test, Water check and a comprehensive damp check.


American RV Servicing

  • Full Engine/Chassis/Automatic Transmission Service
  • All aspects of Steering and Suspension Work Undertaken
  • Front/Rear Air Bag Replacement of either individual components or complete suspension kits supplied and/or fitted
  • Transmission Overhaul/Rebuilds
  • Generators Serviced and/or Repaired
  • Paintwork & minor Body Repairs
  • Exhaust Manifold/Systems Repaired and/or Manufactured
  • MOT Preparation/MOT Facilities
  • Gas & Domestic Water Leak Detection and Rectification
  • All Braking Problems Resolved
  • American to UK Lamp Conversions Fitted to MOT Standards
  • Fan Belts Tensioned/Changed and/or Supplied
  • Roof or Window Leaks rectified
  • Wiring Problems Rectified
  • Fridge, Water Heater & Central Heating Serviced/Repaired
  • Winterizing of Vehicle (Engine & Domestic)
  • Full Pre Season Vehicle Check
  • Full 240 volt & 110 volt Mains & Generator Conversions carried out
  • RV Commision Sales.
  • Extra 12/120/240 volt Sockets Fitted
  • Levelling Jacks Supplied and/or Fitted


Supplying and Fitting Accessories

The right accessories can make all the difference to your motorhome experience however you like to travel. Oakwell Motorhomes keeps up-to-date with the latest products available on the market whether the subject matter be satellite systems and solar panels to the latest awnings and interior blinds.