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Why Would You Want an American RV?

In answer to the question posed in our title, we should really ask you another question, namely ‘why wouldn’t you want an American RV?’

These recreational vehicles are, as their name suggests, most commonly seen roaming the landscapes of America, but there’s a real worldwide market for them as well. If you’re not yet a believer and need some convincing about these wonderful vehicles, here are a few points for you to ponder:


It’s a Motorhome…

Fundamentally, an American RV is a type of motorhome, and as such it brings all of the benefits with it that a ‘normal’ European motorhome would. Motorhomes negate the difficulties that car drivers can face when they need to manoeuvre with a caravan, and modern motorhomes are very responsive in the steering department too. This means that your holiday really can start when you set off from your driveway, as the journey itself will be a pleasure, and there’s no setting up a campsite when you arrive at your destination either.

Oakwell 2

…but it’s so much more

Just one look at one of our American RVs will tell you that they are so much more than your ‘usual’ motorhome. For many people, one of the only drawbacks of a holiday is leaving ‘home’ behind them, but in one of these vehicles you can simply take home with you. A good RV includes kitchen, bathroom and sleeping facilities (at least…see the picture above to get an idea!), and they’re so big that you won’t feel confined either. If you want a break midway between stopping points, there’s no need to look for a service station or something similar; you can simply pull over and relax in your vehicle itself.

Of course, the extra space in an RV also means that you can fit in a whole host of additional features. Perhaps you want a break, but don’t want to leave your work behind entirely? Well, in an American RV you’re basically in possession of a portable office, so you can relocate to somewhere picturesque where you can work in more scenic surroundings. Or perhaps you want to do some real road tripping, but can’t bear to part with your comforts? In an American RV, you can easily turn your camping or road trip experience into a time where you live like a king, and have much greater freedom, so what’s not to like?

Oakwell 3

Why Not Consider Second Hand?

In America, everything is bigger and better, and some people look at an American RV and think that must translate into an unaffordable price tag too. Well, that’s not necessarily the case, and here at Oakwell Motorhomes you can look through and buy from our extensive selection of used American RVs to access all of the benefits of these remarkable vehicles at fantastic prices. We’ve always prioritised the build, quality and affordability of all our motorhomes and RVs, and those same standards are just as omnipresent within our second hand collection too.

So, if you’re looking for the best motorhome or RV that there is, we really do have everything you could want to see at Oakwell Motorhomes. If you’d like to find out more, please contact us by calling 01226 293300 or emailing We’ll always be more than happy to help you find the right motorhome or RV for your requirements.

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