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Why Would You Want an American RV?

In answer to the question posed in our title, we should really ask you another question, namely ‘why wouldn’t you want an American RV?’

These recreational vehicles are, as their name suggests, most commonly seen roaming the landscapes of America, but there’s a real worldwide market for them as well. If you’re not yet a believer and need some convincing about these wonderful vehicles, here are a few points for you to ponder:


It’s a Motorhome…

Fundamentally, an American RV is a type of motorhome, and as such it brings all of the benefits with it that a ‘normal’ European motorhome would. Motorhomes negate the difficulties that car drivers can face when they need to manoeuvre with a caravan, and modern motorhomes are very responsive in the steering department too. This means that your holiday really can start when you set off from your driveway, as the journey itself will be a pleasure, and there’s no setting up a campsite when you arrive at your destination either.

Oakwell 2

…but it’s so much more

Just one look at one of our American RVs will tell you that they are so much more than your ‘usual’ motorhome. For many people, one of the only drawbacks of a holiday is leaving ‘home’ behind them, but in one of these vehicles you can simply take home with you. A good RV includes kitchen, bathroom and sleeping facilities (at least…see the picture above to get an idea!), and they’re so big that you won’t feel confined either. If you want a break midway between stopping points, there’s no need to look for a service station or something similar; you can simply pull over and relax in your vehicle itself.

Of course, the extra space in an RV also means that you can fit in a whole host of additional features. Perhaps you want a break, but don’t want to leave your work behind entirely? Well, in an American RV you’re basically in possession of a portable office, so you can relocate to somewhere picturesque where you can work in more scenic surroundings. Or perhaps you want to do some real road tripping, but can’t bear to part with your comforts? In an American RV, you can easily turn your camping or road trip experience into a time where you live like a king, and have much greater freedom, so what’s not to like?

Oakwell 3

Why Not Consider Second Hand?

In America, everything is bigger and better, and some people look at an American RV and think that must translate into an unaffordable price tag too. Well, that’s not necessarily the case, and here at Oakwell Motorhomes you can look through and buy from our extensive selection of used American RVs to access all of the benefits of these remarkable vehicles at fantastic prices. We’ve always prioritised the build, quality and affordability of all our motorhomes and RVs, and those same standards are just as omnipresent within our second hand collection too.

So, if you’re looking for the best motorhome or RV that there is, we really do have everything you could want to see at Oakwell Motorhomes. If you’d like to find out more, please contact us by calling 01226 293300 or emailing We’ll always be more than happy to help you find the right motorhome or RV for your requirements.

The incredible Coachmen Mirada 34BHF

Motorhomes may have had a very humble start in the world and it is an unavoidable truth that they started out as crudely converted vans. The transformation from this into incredibly advanced and luxurious machines that they are now has happened incredibly quickly.

Until around 30 years ago if you were looking for a motorhome then your choices were not exactly broad and about the best option available was the classic Volkswagen campervan. Although this design classic is still popular today it wasn’t exactly ideal for a family holiday and was only convenient for a couple at most.

Thankfully there is now a motorhome option for everyone and no matter how big your family you will all be able to get away for as long as you want in these amazing feats of engineering. In this blog we thought we would take a closer look at a motorhome that we think is very special, the Coachmen Mirada 34BHF.

mirada coachmen

So why is it so special?

As one of our new American Motorhomes the list of things that make this so special is one that could go on almost indefinitely but we thought we would pick 3 things to focus on that really make it stand out.

It shrinks!

As with so many American imports the classic American motorhome was a little too wide for our rather narrower European roads. The neat solution that the Mirada implements is to have retractable sections that extend when you are parked up to give you a much larger living area. Once you set off again you simply retract them and it is no more challenging to drive than a large van.

Everything is full sized!

Charming though it can be to wash up in a caravans microscopic sink it is a feature that soon begins to grate. The Mirada manages to have all of the necessities that even the best caravan has, and joy of joys, they are not taken straight from a dolls house. The joy of being able to stand fully upright with room to spare in your motorhome, even in the shower, really needs to be experienced to be appreciated.

shrinking motorhome

It’s cheap to run!

Now with a V10 on board and a significant amount of weight we are not saying that it is a Toyota Prius by any stretch but the Mirada is surprisingly frugal. A lot of this is down to the fact that it is designed to run on LPG which is around half the price of Diesel and is actually dropping in price. This coupled with reasonable servicing and maintenance costs means that owning your dream motorhome is definitely more of a reality than you think.

If you have any further questions on the Coachmen Mirada 34BHF or any of our other models then do not hesitate to contact us today and our experienced staff will be happy to help.

Where to Stay in a Motorhome

Owning a motorhome gives you a lot of independence; it’s easy to pick up and drive off for a holiday whenever you want to. However, you should put a little consideration into where you’ll park when you get there.

It’s a good precaution to check and book your camp sites before arrival whenever possible; while there are plenty of RV-friendly campsites throughout the country, with large pitches that are suitable for even the biggest American motorhomes, some may have limited space and in the height of summer are likely to be in high demand. Wild camping – overnight parking in places not designated as campsites – is generally illegal in England and Wales, and in some council areas there is a strict zero tolerance towards overnight parking in lay-bys or car parks.

Parking in a properly equipped campsite has other advantages – whilst your motorhome comes equipped with a lot of home comforts, you do need to find somewhere to stop every so often to fill up your fresh water and empty your waste tanks, and a well equipped camp site will also often have electricity and television hook-ups as well.

If you take your motorhome north of the border, you’ll be able to truly make the most of it; in most of Scotland, wild camping is permitted, which means that you can park wherever you please and enjoy some truly beautiful scenery. Of course, common sense applies; you should park away from houses and farms, don’t park on private land without permission or block roads, and make sure that the land is left as you found it – don’t dump any litter or waste.

If you take your motorhome abroad to the continent, you’ll be able to look for “aires” – these are campsites specifically designed for motorhomes, ranging from small private sites to large purpose built ones. Look for “aires de service” if you want facilities; “aires de stationement” are designed only for parking. You’ll be able to find such sites throughout France, Spain, Portugal and many other countries, and many are free or require only a small donation so they make ideal stops on an extended tour.

Wherever you plan to go, choosing from our range of new and used motorhomes, both American and European, gives you the freedom to do so in comfort and even luxury. For more information or to arrange a viewing at our showroom, contact us today.

The definition of luxury travel

Motorhomes and motorhome travel has become increasingly popular over the last decade and we Britons have really caught the bug. Formerly seen as a slightly abstract and bizarre practice an increasing number of people have woken up to the fact that a motorhome offers you an instant holiday or weekend away that requires very little planning. They offer the perfect vehicle for those that want to be able to take off for the weekend at a moment’s notice and have everything that they need readily to hand.

ex atrium

What about those that want to travel for longer than just a week or a weekend? Being cooped up in what is essentially a converted van is not ideal for extended periods. There is though an option for those that are perhaps planning to take a lengthy tour of the country or indeed the continent. The luxury motorhome is a vehicle that is gaining hugely in popularity in the UK and really offers all the comforts of home even when you are many miles away from home.

There is one country that really is the master of building motorhomes that really do allow you to travel in sumptuous luxury and that is America. American motorhomes are designed with the express purpose of providing a luxury means of touring the vast expanse of land that is the USA. This makes them the perfect vehicle for when you want to go a little further afield but don’t fancy the hassle of checking in or lugging your bags around.

motohome 3

With such innovations as pop-out sides and higher ceilings these motorhomes give you all the portability of smaller vehicles with huge amounts of space and a real sense of luxury. If you are planning to travel around Europe then there really is no better way to do it than in an American motorhome, they provide the perfect home away from home.

Here at Oakwell Motorhomes we have a range of motorhomes for sale including several American models of varying sizes. We are also an insurance approved agent for damage repairs and can also offer MOT’s and servicing to ensure that your motorhome is kept in tip-top condition. So if you have always wanted the freedom of the open-road with the comforts of home then contact us today to take the first step on the journey of a lifetime.

New Bavaria Range

Oakwell Motorhomes have just taken delivery of the New Bavaria range. Bavaria is part of the Group Pilote range that are well recognised for there build quality, luxury and value for money. New Bavaria 2017 Brochure

We also offer a good selection of pre-owned European and UK motorhomes along side our New Coachman and Gulf Stream Rv’s and pre owned American motorhomes.

We are an insurance approved agent for accident repairs that are carried out to a high standard, along with servicing and Mot.

Oakwell Motorhomes have just took delivery of the New Bavaria range. Bavaria is part of the Group pilote range that are well recognized for there build quality, luxury and value for money.

We also offer a good selection of pre-owned European and UK motorhomes along side our New Coachman and Gulf Stream Rv’s and pre owned American motorhomes.

We are an insurance approved agent for accident repairs that are carried out to a high standard, along with servicing and Mot.

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